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Web development refers to building, creating, and an maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management.’s.


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Website Design

We are the most experienced and highly trusted Web Design Company in india With 3+ years of experience our best professional team design both static and dynamic websites starting from small startups to large enterprises. Different technologies like wordpress, Joomla, Typo3, CMS, UI/UX are used for delivering unique and robust web design. We ensure your digital presence looks good to provide your web users a great user experience across any device.


  The main task of the Ecommerce is to promote the sales which boost up the success of the company. A quality Ecommerce web design should be well ordered and easy to navigate and should ponder on convincing the customers by easy payment option, clear product details, discounts and offers.

Mobile App Development

 We deliver awesome Mobile apps with unforgettable customer experience that are more than What You Want for Your Business and your customers love.

Why Fst Media  Web Development For Hosting?
st Media  Web Development is one of the largest Web Hosting providers . We assure you with 99.9% of uptime guarantee. We offer both dedicated and virtual dedicated servers for the businesses who want to upload multiple websites as well we also offer the choice of developing your own server with our custom made configuration. We serve as the best as we offer high quality services at reasonable cost which makes us to get long term relationship with our clients. We usually gets appreciate from our clients for the following reasons.

Website Development

In digital transformation, cloud computing is most important that is termed as web development. We offer various application development services for startups and enterprises. We provide tailor-made web applications including e-learning portals, ERP, CRM, marketplace portals, payment gateway integration, third party API integration, etc., with solutions provided for all of these. Unlike other companies we implement security standards as core web application feature. We are having expertise in PHP, JAVA, .net and with latest JS frameworks like Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS based web applications.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is like another side of a coin. If one side indicates the website, web application then the other side will be obviously digital marketing. Website without digital marketing is like product without a sale board. Our experience in digital marketing is as high as our projects we have delivered for so many clients who have highly profited in their business. We serve for all types of business sectors like e-commerce industries, enterprises, product promotions, and so on. Both organic and inorganic types of digital marketing are performed. Under organic type on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building, social bookmarking, and other 30+ activities are taken care. Whereas inorganic includes activities like Google-ads, Facebook-ads, LinkedIn-ads, Twitter-ads and other social media related ads are performed. For the present situation under COVID-19, your growth is unstoppable when you come under the layer of digital marketing.


  SEO is a process of generating traffic for the particular keyword from the organic listing in the search engines. It’s a technique of analyzing and producing the web pages, so that they can be exposed, examined and crawled by different search engines. High ranking of a web page is very important as 75% of the peoples visit only first page of the website. 


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